Health Week

The Poplar Partnership School Health Events was a collaborative effort between local GPs and schools in the area. The poplar partnership manager, and health advisor worked alongside the GP network manager, local GPs, and health trainers to bring these events together.

The health events took place over six days in September and November 2012, and involved 7 local schools, 6 of which were primary schools.

The key objectives for the project were as follows:

  • To develop improved collaborative working between health and schools, and parents in the area.
  • To educate parents around the management of minor ailments and appropriate access to health services, both in primary and secondary care.
  • Help improve awareness around healthy lifestyle options, and encourage participation in events organised by our local health trainers.
  • Opportunistically check parent’s blood pressures and encourage follow up where necessary.
  • Promote uptake of breast cancer screening.

Minor Ailments Presentation

Guide to Local Services