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Storytelling for Schools Project

The core message on Early Intervention

“Early Intervention is an approach which offers our country a real opportunity to make lasting improvements in the lives of our children, to forestall many persistent social problems and end their transmission from one generation to the next”

The Early Intervention Review Team, Graham Allen (2011)

Due to the high levels of deprivation in Poplar which correlates with linguistic impoverishment our children are significantly disadvantaged. They enter school at lower than national age related ability in communication and language skills and personal and social skills. They lack confidence and ability in use of and love of language and in articulating their emotional needs, leading them to being vulnerable to further developmental delays, disruptive behavior, and at risk to social alienation. We would like to develop a love for reading that would ensure our children not only have an opportunity to succeed at school but in life

Poplar schools are taking part in the storytelling for schools project. We are working with the storytelling museum in Oxford to support our children in developing our schools into storytelling schools.

“Gordon Wells’ research showed that children who are read to in the first four years of their lives are the most likely to succeed in education.”

Storytelling Schools Handbook (2012)

Benefits of Storytelling for children:

  •  accelerated language learning
  • increased inclusion and engagement
  •  enlivened teaching across the whole curriculum
  • creation of memorable moments of magic in the classroom
  • strengthening core life skills of speaking and sequencing from memory
  • improved self esteem and enjoyment for both staff and students

Storytelling Schools Handbook (2012)


This year a group of teachers from some of our schools are taking part in a pilot within their classes. They are trying out many of the storytelling techniques. Next year the schools will then take on the project and the pilot teachers will lead the way in supporting their colleagues.

What an exciting time… we can’t wait to tell you more!


Listen to stories with your child at home: