Poplar Splash

This project targets primary school children who are non-swimmers and teaches them to swim. The number of children who can swim in Poplar is well below the national average. The area is laced with waterways and there have been some fatal accidents involving young children. Research shows that nationally high numbers of children leave primary school as non-swimmers, and that drowning is the third most common cause of accidental death.
One of our member schools, Stebon, has a teaching pool. We intend to use this facility, identify non-swimmers from across the year groups of four participating schools (all within short walking distance of Stebon) and give 24 children from each a term of after school lessons to teach them to swim (a total of 108 children per term). Children who cannot swim by the end of the term will have the opportunity to carry on or join an intensive, week long learn to swim course during the Christmas or Easter holidays (one hour per day).


The project is funded by Awards for All