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The consortium brings together Bow Arts and the Poplar Partnership to create inspirational arts and creative learning opportunities for children and young people.






“Brilliant session –

Really helped push the boundaries of imagination and creativity”

Teacher, Marner Primary

Our objectives are to:

– Provide high quality cultural and creative learning opportunities for children and young people in the Poplar Partnership schools

– Develop sustained partnerships with and between schools, based on trust

– Respond to the shared needs of the schools within the consortium

– Support school improvement and the delivery of a creative curriculum

– Offer accredited opportunities through Arts Award

– Embed the arts into curriculum delivery, and therefore children’s school experiences


Year 1 – 2014/15:







“I have learnt that I can teach others.

If you are the boss, or a leader or owner, then you need to be able to treat others fairly”

Y6 pupil, after leading a session with Y1 pupils, Wellington Primary


Year 1 of the programme, from April 2014 to March 2015, resulted in:

1,526 individual children and young people taking part in artist-led projects

15 individual school projects, delivered against school improvement priorities, and made up of over 140 artist days in school

14 professional development sessions for staff, with over 285 teachers participating

13 new permanent artworks produced for schools

54 children and young people entered for Arts Award qualifications

£18,225 of match funding provided by Bow Arts, Fidelity UK and THAMES (Tower Hamlets).

The main exhibition / celebration event is scheduled for Friday 20th March at Spotlight Youth Centre.


Bow Arts and the Poplar Partnership: A Celebration of Year 1

  1. Learning from Year 1:
  2. a) Staff value the opportunity to collaborate and exchange, both with artists and their peers, and report feeling inspired and re-invigorated
  3. b) Teachers have become more confident and creative, and as a result they describe their pupils being more engaged, active and independent learners
  4. c) The CPD programme has had most impact where schools have taken a co-ordinated approach – i.e. one teacher attends per phase, mapped across the year, and disseminated back in school
  5. d) Schools have been able to benchmark the quality of their arts offer against that of their peers
  6. e) The consortium has raised the profile of art in school, including its value in and across the curriculum
  7. f) Further opportunities should be sought to celebrate the achievements of pupils – for example, showcase assemblies from children participating in the after school programmes

The banner looks so good – even looking at the screenshots made me smile!”

Art Co-ordinator, Bygrove






 “We are delighted by the outcomes of our project” Head teacher, Wellington








“Wonderfully relaxed, thought provoking resources, Jane [the artist] a great welcoming presence, good to be outside, in a lovely natural environment, and biscuits a nice touch” Art and the Outdoor Environment CPD    logo


Bow Arts and the Poplar Partnership: A Celebration of Year 1

“That was exhilarating!”

Art and the Outdoor Environment CPD







“I have learnt to always have fun with painting. I have also learnt not to put paint on my face!

KS1 pupil, St Saviour’s


Rob Smith, Head of Education & Learning

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