Best Practice in Poplar


Moderation has taken place in several forms over the past few years in the Poplar Partnership. Initially the year group teachers met to moderate achievements of children in Y1,2,3,4,5 and 6. This was combined with reflection and review about ways of attaining judgements as well as best methods to teach a concept.IMG_0790

This year the English and Maths subject leaders have met and compiled examples of work which shows what may be the expected standard across the schools in Y2 and Y6. This has helped to gain an idea of what is a good standard, as well as where gaps are. Maths leaders have compared test papers and their use as well as ways of assessing pupils progress.

 EYFS colleagues have also met and cross referenced judgements together against the EYFS exemplars. This has helped to establish where the children are and what is needed next.

All who have taken part have commented they feel more confident in what the expected requirements are and have an idea of how they can